VINE Frequently Asked Questions

Is my registration really anonymous?

Yes. VINE doesn’t share your contact information with anyone else. The offender won’t know you created a registration. You only have to provide the name of the person you would like to receive updates about, and how you’d like to be contacted—by phone, email, text, or TTY.

Can anyone sign up for information, even if you’re not the victim of a crime?

Absolutely! VINE is designed for anyone who wants to know the status of an offender. Family members, law enforcement, advocates or concerned citizens can sign up to be notified of any change in custody status.

Please note: VINE is completely open in the regional (or local) jails. If an offender is convicted of a crime and sentenced to a Department of Corrections facility, anyone seeking to register will have to go through the Virginia Department of Corrections Victim Services Unit, 1-800-560-4292.

I just want to check on the status of an offender. Do I still have to create a registration?

No, you can simply look online to see if someone is incarcerated, or to search the service provider directory to find support in your area.

Is there any charge to use VINE?

No. VINE is completely free and in 100% of Virginia's jails and prisons.

What things will VINE notify me about? What else is available in VINE?

You will be notified about any change in custody status, including release, parole, transfer to another facility, death, or escape.

There is also a service provider directory available online and via the app. You can search for agencies and resources that support victims of crime and others throughout Virginia, or in other states.

I would like to share information about VINE with my civic group or other organization. How can I do that?

Contact Virginia VINE program manager Amy Sheets, [email protected] or 804-644-0616, for more information about VINE, including how to obtain materials, request a training session or presentation.

Is the statewide VA VINE and VADOC NAAVI the same system?

The Virginia statewide VINE and VADOC NAAVI systems are different systems that focus on notification at different stages of the criminal justice process. The statewide VINE system is for all local and regional jails. Once an offender is sentenced to serve 12 months or more, the Virginia Department of Corrections is required to calculate the offender release date and take custody. VADOC NAAVI is a closed system for victims only so there is a separate registration process.

Your victim witness advocate will be able to help you register for VADOC NAAVI, or you may call 1-800-560-4292 to speak to someone in the VADOC Victim Services Unit.

What number will call me with notifications?

All calls from the VINE system will come from the 502 area code because the system is located in Kentucky.

How can I learn more about Virginia VINE?

A free online course about Virginia VINE is now available. Learn how to search for offenders, register for updates, find a service provider, and more. There is an additional component for law enforcement, covering how police can use VINE as well. The course is approximately 30 minutes long.